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Oleaster is the Mother of all olive oils  
Oleaster Olive Oil was given as first prize in the Greek Olympic Games. It was not by chance, since olive oil has always been one of the most pretious foods on the planet. Oleaster was produced from wild olive trees which were very difficult to harvest as these trees were small with few olives, grown on rocky land and irregularly spread over a wide area.

Olivotto is proud to have produced the Oleaster Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), blending two mono-cultivars:
Cellina and Ogliarola. Two indigenous olive trees, which are part of the Protected Denomination of Origin of Salento in Southern Italy. The two olives are complementary in various aspects: in color (purple vs green), in smell (wild red fruits vs green grass), in taste (sweet vs bitter). From a chemical perspective, Ogliarola is particularly rich of bio-phenols, which have many health benefits since they suppress the synthesis of LDL, by reducing blood pressure and the development of atherosclerotic plaques.

All olive oil organoleptic analysis are carried out based on presence of positive and /or absence of negative attributes. The positive attributes of olive oil are summarized with simply  three points : "
grassy, bitterly and peppery" .

In line with the ancient Greek Oleaster, you will find Olivotto's Oleaster as: high in "peppery", medium in "grassy" and low to medium in "bitterly". This organoleptic profile makes it suitable for a wide range of foods : from salad dressings, toasted bread (bruschetta) with tomato and pasta sauces. Soups are well matched by the light bitterly taste as well.

Oleaster is the result of  :

1. Applying the
10 Olivotto Golden Rules in producing Premium Olive Oil that
   you find in the Oleaster’s brochure that you can download here
2. Harvesting olives early in October (
273 Rule – Oct 1st sequential number) to
  preserve the olive integrity which maximizes the health benefits of the resulting
  olive oil.
3. Pursuing  our
handcraft philosophy (Olio artigianale) to guarantee optimal
  quality which is opposite to the traditional industrial (Olio Industriale)

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