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Olive trees in Italy began in Salento

Salento is a beautiful county part of the Apulia Region in Southern Italy. When you visit Salento you immediately recognize the following key features:

1. The wisdom of local people (originally called Messapi)
2. Olive trees
3. Primitivo wine grapes
4. Historical ruins

Salento is surrounded by sandy beaches and is bathed by two Mediterranean seas: the Ionio in the South and Adriatico on the east side. The combination of these factors makes this land unique in the world.

Salento has millennial culture in making olive oil:

1. There are more than 60 Million secular Olive trees in the Apulia Region.
2. Lecce is the capital of Salento. Lecce is the number one olive oil county in     Italy and number two in Europe.
3. Every family has its own cultivar and makes olive oil for their own 60 liters of     annual consumption.
4. There is one olive mill in every village, called frantoio.

This millennial experience has developed a unique olive oil value chain and Internet can now make it available in real time and worldwide. This is why we have decided to transform our passion for secular olive trees and oil into excellence in this area. Our cultivar is located near Manduria in Torre Borraco. We believe that this area is a paradise for olive trees: the soil is dark red full of iron, there is almost no rain from May till October still the trees can take their water from the rich underground Carsic Springs. You are all welcome to come and visit us here in Salento. We suggest to stay in the typical Masseria Hotel and we guarantee that you will have an experience you will never forget.

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