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Olivotto Oleaster : the 2013/2014 harvest

It has been one of the best year ever for olives in Salento. A lot of rain in winter 2012 and then a sunny spring and summer with almost no rain , followed by mild rain in beginning of October-2013 which made olives juicy. We targeted  the week  of October 14th as the harvesting week. It was a magic decision : the wind was blowing from North (Tramontana) , the temperature always in the range of 19°-25° C. Last but not least  the much feared Mosca Bianca ( Bactrocera) was not yet around. We collected olives with care to avoid damaging the skin which contains the best attribute of oil: polyphenols. You can download the Chamber of Commerce Lab report  here. We are committed to make only available Premium Olive Oils which are from two to three times better than the Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We call our chemical- physical parameters Olivotto’s Olive Oil Limits and they are available on our web  www.olivottoil.it. The law duration limits of 18 months (Apr-2015) is very easily achievable by a product with these grades. This Oleaster Label is only made available in the US  through restaurants and specialized shops. The bottle shaped tins are 0.75L (25.36 us fl oz), 5L (169.07 us fl oz) and the samples are squared tins of 0.15L (5.07 us fl oz). We decided to use tins as they are the best way to protect olive oil from its three enemies : light, heat and oxygen. Bear with us if during transportation, despite our special protection envelope, they can present small dents. Labels can be partially personalized to meet individual customer requirements. If you want to know the chemical – physical characteristics of the Oleaster Olive Oil click here.

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